Our Brands

My Shaldan Car Air Fresheners (Japan)

Japans’ #1 Brand of Natural Gel Car Air Fresheners

Dr Marcus Car Perfumes (Europe)

Europe’s #1 brand of high quality & wide range of car perfumes

Formula 1 Car Care (USA)

USA’s #1 Brand of Car Care products

Bergmann Car Vacuum Cleaners

Widest Range of High Quality Car Vacuum Cleaners

Bergmann Tyre Inflators

High Quality Range of Analog & Digital Tyre Inflators

Bergmann Car Mobile Holders

High Quality Range of Automatic Mobile Holders for Car

Bergmann Gladiator Car Dusters

Wide Range of Specialty Car Dusters

Bergmann Gladiator Car Microfibres

World’s highest quality range of Premium Car Microfibres

Bergmann CarGenius Car Chargers

Wide Range of High Quality Car Chargers with USB CablesĀ 

Giovanni Organic Cosmetics (USA)

USA’s #1 Selling Range of Organic Hair Care